Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day Facetime...and the news she dropped that she extended her mission...

This is the moment she was about to tell me she extended her mission an extra six weeks. The words wouldn't come out and we both started to cry...
She was teasing her brothers and making them laugh. Look at that stinkin smart smile! 

Sister Wright and Sister Rodabough
Cried and bore her beautiful testimony of the love of her Savior. Had a feeling to ask her the date she comes home thinking late June...she hesitated telling me, but she’s extended her mission another 6 weeks. I’m not happy about it but at the same time I’m proud of her. She said she wants to serve the full 18 months plus. I asked why she would do that and she said, “I know I’ll be blessed and so will you!” 

Hola! I have to send a quick email this week because we are going to the mall later. I love my family so much and I am grateful for the love and support they give me. My family looks way different and my little brother sounds like Darth Vader...but they are still as cute as ever! 

We put Heather on date for baptism in Little Caesar's so that was fun. She said yes to February 17 which is the day before her birthday! She is progressing and we love her. She said that she didn't really believe in God before but now she totally does! Her testimony is very bold and powerful. 

We had another lesson with the Philips and they really opened up to us! They asked a lot of questions and they truly desire to find the right church for their family. 

We did the food truck for the Bishops Storehouse for hours one day. That was so fun because their were 6 sets of missionaries helping out. 

There isn't really much else to report on. Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards/packages! I had a great Christmas and it is all because of my wonderful family and friends. Also Bella you are grounded for the rest of your life...haha! 

Sister Rodabough 


Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Her Mission Mama, Sister Lindhart
She wanted lots of pics with her mission mom
Well hi. This week was so good! It started out with an awesome zone conference! We talked all about the Book of Mormon which is my favorite. The Spirit was so strong. I love hearing President Lindhardt talk because the Spirit just radiates from him. When I left on my mission I thought I had a testimony of the Book of Mormon but I didn't really, if I did, it wasn't very strong. That's the greatest part about the mission, you get to help others become converted but you are being converted as well. It is a very powerful experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. 

Thursday: ....We had a very interesting lesson that day....We went over to teach a less active member. She was really nice and friendly and her kids are super cute.

Her husband however was kind of rude. We shared the 'Good Samaritan' video and after we watched it he was like, "Here's why I am not Mormon. Those people that walked away from that man remind me about the Mormons in Saint George. They don't live what they preach. They are stubborn and stuck up. Sure y'all can come over tomorrow and we can listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and we can read the Book of Mormon and watch General Conference. But in order to watch conference I would have to drink alcohol in order to stay awake during that crap..." This whole time I legit was sitting on my hands. I can handle bible bashers and stuff like that but when people just make fun of your beliefs that you work so hard to stand up for, it kinda is frustrating lol. But I said a prayer and its all good now haha.

Friday!: We had a lesson scheduled with Jennifer again at 5:30. The Sister Davenport (her fellowshipper) called us and was like, "Hey Sisters. Jennifer just sent me this big long text and said that she might feel more comfortable exploring other churches because she is really overwhelmed with everything." We were like oh no...but then she was like, "She still wants to meet to night though." So later we get to the lesson and Jennifer tells us how she is feeling. We testified very strongly about the gospel and about how we need to rely on Christ to help us in all things. We then offered her to get a Priesthood blessing and she said yes. One of the most powerful things I have ever witnessed is an investigator experiencing the power of the Priesthood. It is so special. After her blessing she said that she still wanted to continue to progress and learn. That is what we call a tender mercy.

Sunday: We went to Catawba with the Vaassens and it was so much fun! We visited some less active members. They also made us lunch so that was a blessing haha. When we came back we had a lesson with a PMF. Sister Guy came with us and we were able to pick up his wife as an investigator! Hooray! 

Today I am so excited because we get to take Christmas pictures! We have our district coming and we also invited the Zone Leaders! Its going to be so much fun! 

I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas. Have fun and spend lots of time with your family! Also remember what Christmas is really about. 

Sister Rodabough

Monday, December 11, 2017

Guys I have no idea what to put in the caption

Family and friends! Whats going on? I hope that all is well. 🙂 

This week has been super amazing. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, let me just say that I love Salem! I am hoping that I will be able to finish my mission in this area. The people here are just so loving and our investigators are so powerful and they are all families pretty much. I love being able to share the joyful message of the gospel this holiday season. Christmas is something else as a missionary. I don't know how to explain it but it is just so much more special. 🙂

Tuesday: We had an awesome lesson with the Fryzel's, they are returning members and they are just so amazing. After that we did some service with the food truck and that was so fun! The Elders are in our area and I just love being able to see other missionaries. We also taught the Ransoms. Their family is all recent converts. They have a son who wants to be baptized but it is really hard for him to focus, but I can tell that he still feels the Spirit when we teach him lessons.

Wednesday: We went to Catawba and taught Sister Sink about the Plan of Salvation. She said that it makes sense that we are here to be tested and that the goal is to get back to Heavenly Father. How cool is that guys?! When an investigator understands the Plan of Salvation it is just the most happy thing ever.

Thursday: We had one of the most powerful lessons I've ever had on my mission. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jennifer (the investigator) said that she feels really scared to fail and that she is afraid to give into temptation. We were able to comfort her by using the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was so strong. The members with us testified very strongly that we can do anything through Christ. After they testified the member invited her to be baptized on February 10 and she said yes! I love helping other people feel the Spirit through the power of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon has truly changed my life, that is why I am out here sharing it with others.

Saturday: We had a awesome service project in Roanoke. We helped with the parade and we got to move all of the cars and stuff into the right places. It was super freezing cold but so much fun! We handed out some light the world cards and got to talk to different people! After the parade we traveled back to Salem for the ward Christmas party and one of our investigators came even though she was a bit sick so it was awesome. Last but not least, it was like 8:50 at night and we were like 'should we go home or try the Butterworths?' We decided to try them and low and behold they were home! We shared a short message with them and we hurried home.

Sunday: Okay kids. Sunday was the BEST day ever. At 6:00 we had to practice for the Stake Christmas Choir Concert. I remembered that Martinsville (my first area) and Salem are in the same stake and it was so amazing because I got to see so many people and my heart was just so happy. I loved seeing them. Saying goodbye again was hard but I know that I will come back to see them again. After the concert we went to Brother Duttons house and go Priesthood blessings to start off the new transfer. It was so powerful and such a stress reliever. If you have not had a blessing in a long time I would exhort you to get one. They are so amazing. This is why we have the Priesthood.

We'll...that's about it. The church is true.

Sister Rodabough

The dog that speaks "I love you" 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Salem Virginia aka the celestial kingdom of the WVCM

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to everyone. I have felt so much love and support from my friends and family. Thank you for your continued prayers and love. I know that Heavenly Father will bless all of you because of the support that you give to the missionaries.

I have officially been transferred to the wonderful Salem Virginia! I am with Sister Wright and she is just too cool. We both did theater in high school and love video games so we get along well. She is from Ogden Utah and she has been out for 16 months so I will be her last companion. 

This week started off really busy. On Saturday we did weekly planning and then we went to our investigators birthday party. He is the cutest kid and he is so sweet. After the party we went and met Bishop. He is pretty dope. And he actually knew where Eagle Mountain was!

Sunday: The Salem ward is a huge blessing. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. The first counselor even asked me to give a talk! (hooray) Then we taught in young woman's which was actually way fun and very powerful. After church we went to a wedding reception. It was kind of funn because the girl getting married actually went to my mission! It is crazy that people get married so fast after they get home. We then went and watched the Christmas Devotional. Its kinda funny too because after we were talking to the Zone Leaders and they are going home the same time as me haha. Its always fun meeting the other missionaries that you came out with. 

I am sorry for the shorter email this week but thank you again anyways! The mission really is a huge blessing and I am grateful the Heavenly Father has aloud me to have this time set apart to become converted and to help other people receive the same blessings. I know that missions are hard but they help shape you into the person that Heavenly Father wants you to be. Remember to do the Light the World acts of service! 

Have a great week!
Sister Rodabough

Monday, November 27, 2017

Light the World

Hello! Its official kids...I am getting transferred! Do I know where I am going? Now brothers and sisters that is the question isn't? I do not. I find out tomorrow where I am going and who I'll be with. I can't wait! Other exciting news is that my current companion, Sister Adams has been called to be a trainer!!! She is going to do so amazing she doesn't even realize. Her trainee is going to be lucky lucky.

Christmas time has officially arrived!!! That means that all y'all need to go on and watch the Light The World 2017 video. The one on the main page is just the daily one. If you want the main video search 'light the world 2017' and click on the second video. It is truly powerful and I know that you won't regret watching it.

Now that I've talked about Christmas first, I'll talk about Thanksgiving. We went to the Davis' and it was such a party let me tell ya. They had a bunch of cute little kids running around and they smoked the turkey with a bunch of herbs on it so it was reallllly good. They also are kind of rich so everything was really fancy looking. The silverware was gold and the chandelier looked like something you would see in the temple. I felt very spoiled thats for sure lol.

Honestly nothing else really happened this week other then those things...finding has been a struggle. We have had to stop teaching a lot of our people because they just won't progress. It is sad because they are restricting themselves from so many blessings. But good thing that Heavenly Father is always preparing people! We just have to qualify for the guidance of the Spirit in all things and trust that He will guide us.

Thank you for everything. I hope that everyone has a great week!

Sister Rodabough

Monday, November 20, 2017

I love the Radford ward

Hello folks! Yet another week has passed by us and yet another week will come to pass. My mission is going by faster and faster...that is my biggest fear is that one day I'll wake up and not be a missionary. But good thing I still have 8 months!

Monday: We had dinner with Angie and she is a recent convert (and kind of less active). She has been struggling to gain a stronger, more solid testimony so what did we do? We told her to read the Book of Mormon every day. She recently told us that when she read Mormon 9 she knew that the Book of Mormon was true. She said that she doesn't have any more doubts and that she will not miss another Sunday. It really is a cool thing to watch the Book of Mormon change people's lives. It is very powerful.

Tuesday: We had interviews! I always love those few short minutes where I get to spend some time talking to President. I love him and I have so much respect for both of my Mission Presidents. I am grateful that the Lord blessed me with them. Okay we are so blessed, let me tell ya. We went to try some potentials and we knocked on the door and she was like, "Oh! Hold on one second, let me grab my baby." We waited for a few minutes and got kind of scared that she wouldn't come to the door again but she did! She let us right in! We set up a return appointment and she even offered to feed us sometime. I am really excited about them because they are a young married couple with a new baby and they have a car! I can't wait to start teaching them.

THURSDAY!: Best day ever holy cow. We had the mission tour with Elder Foster (of the 70) and he is so cool! A lot of the conference was about how we really need to be working more with the members. He said that missionaries should not have to ask for referrals and that if we try really hard to improve our skill level, each zone in our mission could be baptizing 40 people a week. That is crazy. I am really going to try hard to be able to make that happen. He also said that the mission isn't about how many baptisms you get. A while ago we had a zone conference with President Lindhardt and he said that there needs to be a unity of effort. And when our mission has a unity of effort, we will have a unity of success. Thus, we all take part in each baptism and we all take part in each others success. I think that is really cool that he wants us to find success in others, not just ourselves. I love mission conferences because it always makes me feel so pumped about the work! It is an unexplainable feeling.

Friday: Friday night we went to see a less active member who has not been to church because she has anxiety and she got offended. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. She says that she knows that it is true and that she understands everything, she just doesn't want to be judged by other members. We told her that church is not about the other members, it is about keeping the promises that we make with God. We committed her to come to church and she actually did! We are so blessed and I am so grateful to work with so many amazing members and nonmembers. 

Saturday: Saturday was a pretty rough day. A lot of people canceled on us and the day just went by soooo slow! Some days are just like that though and we've just got to keep pushing through. On the bright side, we did pick up a new investigator (blessed) and I hit my 10th month mark that day!

SUNDAY!: Also Sunday was the best day ever too lol. We had 5 less active members come to church and we had three investigators at sacrament meeting! It was a huge blessing because we had to extend a lot of people's teaching so we were afraid that no one would come to church. But I learned that when we put in our best effort, the Lord will always make up the rest.

Monday (today): We had district Pday! It was so much fun. We played volleyball, basketball and chair soccer. I love hanging out with my district and playing games with them! It is such a good time and I will cherish these memories forever.

Sorry for the insanely long letter haha. I hope that y'all have a great Thanksgiving!

Sister Rodabough

Monday, November 13, 2017

Ups and Downs and some Burned Bread

Whats up friends and family? I'll give y'all the rundown of the week.

The beginning of the week was reaaally hard. We had a baptismal interview that didn't work out, all of our appointments fell through, people were not keeping any commitments and it seemed like no one wanted to talk to us. Some weeks are like that but I've learned that that was just a trial of faith that we had to press through.

Thursday: The Morgans brought us soup and bread for dinner. Sister Morgan said to but the bread in the broiler so that it gets all nice and crispy. We ended up putting the bread in for too long and now we are going to use them as weapons because they are as hard as a rock lol. It was just the laugh we needed to get us through the week. Later that night we had our lesson with Morgan about the Word of Wisdom and she loved it! She committed to completely live the Word of Wisdom!

Sunday: Sunday was awesome! We had an awesome Sacrament meeting. Sister Draper gave an awesome talk and we had great lessons during class. After we had dinner with the Grospec's. They live literally right by the lake and there house is really big and really pretty. I loved getting to know them because they are amazing people! We then taught Morgan once again and we did the Stop Smoking Workshop with her! She is doing so awesome and is really progressing.

Lately I have learned quite a few lessons and I would like to share them with you;
-You don't have to be perfect, Heavenly Father loves you just the way you are
-Don't change for anyone, just be you
-Make sure you date before you get married (lol)
-If you are feeling the Spirit, the atonement is working in your life
-The Book of Mormon is truly the most powerful book. I know this to be true
-Don't compare yourself or underestimate yourself, doing that takes the Spirit away

The mission really is super hard, I'm not going to lie. It is 100% worth all of the sacrifice though. I am grateful for the person Heavenly Father has aloud me to become because of my mission. I am especially grateful for my friends and family who love and support me. This gospel is true and I know this without a shadow of a doubt. Satan is real but Heavenly Father is more powerful and more loving then he is. I know that we cannot get back to our Heavenly Father without living ALL of the commandments. I know Christ, I know He is my Savior and Redeemer and I know that he knows me perfectly. I know these this to be true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tis the season lol

Well, Halloween has passed and now its time to listen to Christmas music! I love this time of year! Especially in VIrginia because all of the trees are bright red and its still warm outside so I'm a happy camper. Speaking of Halloween, we had a blast. We went to 3 different Halloween parties, handed out a ton of pass-along-cards and saw some super dope costumes. I swear holidays as a missionary are so much better then normal for some reason. 

Thursday: We had an AWESOME lesson with Morgan. We had some members come with us and they just made the Spirit so much stronger! Morgan loves the Book of Mormon and she says that she know's that it is of God and that belief makes her want to read it more. We also fasted with her so that she will be able to get work off on Sundays so that she can come to church. So we'll see how that goes. 🙂

Tuesday: We were so busy on Halloween holy cow. We served at the daily bread in the morning, then we locked the keys in our house. Okay back story, not last week but the week before we had so many car problems! We locked the keys in our trunk, then we had our check engine light on, then we had to get air pumped into our tires and THEN we locked the keys in our house. We just keep laughing and laughing because Satan tries to stop us but he fails. Anyways after that we had the Pulaski Trunk-Or-Treat. We also went to the Turpins house and handed out candy to little kids so needless to say Halloween was a huge success thanks to our awesome ward members!

Saturday: At around 7:30 we went to go try a potential and we accidentally knocked on the wrong door! Luckily they let us in. In the home was an old drunk man and his 40 year old niece. The man has a lot of love for our Savior. We asked him if he would like some help overcoming his drinking problem and he said something along the lines of, "No thanks I'll just have another drink." I thought it was so funny because he telling us over and over and over again how much he loves Christ. I thought to myself, "Sir, if you loved Him that much, you would change." I don't know if that is rude to think but it is true. If we truly love the Savior, we are always changing and trying to be better.

Okay I am so excited. On the 16 Elder Foster of the 70 is coming to our mission to talk to us! I feel so honored and slightly unworthy lol. But I can't wait to meet him!

I just want to say that I love being a missionary more than anything. I am SO grateful for my family for providing me with this privilege. I do not look forward to the day that I have to take off my name tag but I am grateful that I get to make memories and grow my testimony. So thank you to all who have helped me come this far.

Sister Rodabough