Monday, February 27, 2017

I love the Holy Ghost!

This week was kind of a good and not so good week. We haven't found any new investigators and our appointments keep canceling and people are mean and they hate the gospel. BUT! Let me go into more detail about some way cool experiences I have had.

So we are tracking (which I LOVE) and we knocked on this door (duh:) and this older man opens it. We start doing the whole missionary intro thing and he just starts going so ham on bible bashing us (sister Callister was the one talking the whole time so that was good) he was saying things like, "My Jesus isn't your Jesus." And, "God doesn't love us." He just continued to say things like that and he would try to explain to us how the Godhead works and he said he has been preaching the gospel for 30 years and I really wanted to just yell at him.

Eventually sister Callister said something like, "Contention is not of God, thank you for your time but we must be going." Even while she was saying that he was still talking over her! He was so awful.

After we left I was felling really down and sad and slightly heart broken but sister Callister sang the first like of 'I know that my redeemer lives', I continued to sing the rest of the lyrics in my head and I had the heaviest feeling of comfort I have ever felt in my life. It was SO amazing and it really taught me how strong the Holy Ghost really is. I was/am so grateful I had this experience because it taught me that whenever we go through tough times, the Holy Ghost WILL be there to comfort us. 

Experience #2: ps sorry for the super long email this week haha

We where driving home to go get lunch and we see this short little black lady picking up trash on the side of the road. Sister Callister pulled over and we ran down the hill to catch up to her, she was picking up soda cans so she can sell them to her mom to get money. We wanted to help her and as we where doing so we taught her the restoration haha. Little side note: when we teach the restoration we like to recite JSH: 16-17 its about the first vision. Anyways, when we where reading that part about when Joseph Smith is praying, she began to cry, she said, "I asked that same prayer this morning." And BOOM! The spirit was SO strong! After that she was so excited that the Lord answered her prayers. And I really hope she will start/continue to live the gospel.

As you can see being a missionary is the best thing ever.

In my ward there is this little girl, she is four years old and she has blue eyes and curly brown hair. Her name is Miracle. And I love her SO much! She will always gesture for me to pick her up and it just breaks my heart because we aren't aloud to. Sorry for that random little story but I feel like I have to tell everyone about how amazing she is haha. 

Brother Hodnett was so funny at dinner this week, there was probably 10 people there and right in the middle of dinner, he stood up and said, "Now we will see Sister Rody preform a song from the last musical she was in!" Little did he know I have only been in one musical (Sound of Music) but I was like, "um no thanks." and he was trying so hard for the longest time just to get me to preform. I never did but it was so funny, I love that family so much.

Anyways, thank you so so much for all of your constant love and prayers. I love and miss you all dearly and I will talk to y'all next week.

With all my love
-Sister Rody

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