Monday, March 6, 2017

Fasting and service!

So my mom wanted me to type out my daily journal entries but I forgot my journal so sorry guys haha.

The mission is great as usual haha. Nothing super exciting happened this week, but on Sunday on of my recent converts had to get a priesthood blessing and I felt the spirit so strong and the blessing wasn't even for me haha.

If any of you are wanting to learn more about our church please read the Book of Mormon but specifically read Moroni chapter 7 and chapter 10 (this will only take you probably 20 minutes!). If you don't have access to the Book of Mormon your lying because you do haha. Go to and go to scriptures and study, then go to Book of Mormon and read it because you will be blessed:)

I fasted on Sunday and I felt the spirit so strong and my testimony grew because of that, I also payed fast offerings for the first time and while I was filling out the tithing slip I felt the Spirit strong then as well, because of that I now understand how important it is to pay tithing and fast offerings:) Dinner that night was awesome because everything tastes so good after you fast haha.

On Saturday we did service for Sis Hall by helping her set up for her company party and we also did service for the Bishop by helping him set up for his yard sale, so that was way fun! Later that night we had dinner with the Hodnetts! I love that family so stinken much! We had stuffed bell peppers and rice and pie for desert (sorry Chip) but it was way good:)

Unfortunately on Tuesday one of our investigators dropped us. Her name is Judy Tate and she called us that morning and said something like, "This church just isn't for me, I've prayed about it and it just doesn't feel right but you girls are some of the nicest people I have ever meet so thank you so much but I am not interested." Conversations like that are really hard as a missionary because you know their life will be better but they don't understand that.

Sorry for the shorter letter this week but I hope you all have an amazing life. Remember to love Christ and always rely on Him 100% of the time! I love you all so so much! Thank you!

-Sis Rodey

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