Monday, February 13, 2017

Well hi there:)

I am currently serving in Martinsville Virginia. My companions name is Sister Callister and she is great, she's like a mom to me haha. The weather here is way more sketchy then it is in Utah. It can be 80 degrees one day and -18 degrees and snowing the next day haha. But right now the weather is pretty good (70 degrees).

I love the people here, this is an example of a conversation we have sometimes:
Sister Callister: "Hi! We are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of later day saints. Do you know anything about our church?"

Investigator: "Don't y'all have your blue bible? Yeah I've heard of it but not really interested. Would y'all like to come in for some hot dawgs and slaw?"

Sister Callister: "No thank you, but it was nice meeting you!"

Investigator: "It sure was nice to meet y'all, y'all be safe out there now!"

Haha its so much fun, the people are way nice but some of them are kinda sketchy haha. I can't believe I'm serving in the same place as Aubree, its so fun but its hard knowing that I'm so close to her but I still can't see her. I have miss all of my cousins so much, y'all need to send me letters and you can get the address from grandma G.

So the food here is cool, it really just depends on who you are eating with. Last night we had dinner at a ladies house, she is from the Dominican Republic and she is a single mother with two boys and a new baby. She fed us this chicken and rice that was way good.

Its hard for me down here sometimes because 95% of our people we see have really bad health and financial problems and it is so hard to watch them be in so much pain and sadness because I can't help them in that way. Its so hard to watch people you love so much go through that but I know its going to be okay for them because we are there to share with them the most important message in the world.

Hey Jo, you where right about all of the hills and tress haha. Its sad though because the trees don't have leaves on them lol. I love tracing because its a really good way to find and teach. But like I said some people are way sketchy, I went to this one guys house and he was smoking while we where teaching the restoration and there was this LOUD banging noise (I was so scared but we had a member with us btw) and then this other big guy walks in and he like "howr y'all?" haha so funny.

I hope everyone is doing great! I love and miss all y'all so much! Please send me letters and pictures!

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