Monday, March 13, 2017

Best week ever!


Cool experience #1
So this week started off rough. I was feeling super overwhelmed because everything was going to fast and I just couldn't keep up. But later I got a priesthood blessing from bro.Hodnett and it completely relieved all of my burdens and I felt SO much better. The priesthood is such a powerful and sacred gift.

Cool experience #2
I had my first exchanged this week! (an exchange is when you trade companions with the sister training leaders) It was SO much fun! I went with a sister named Sister Schoemig. She is a super cute girl from Utah and she likes the same things as me so we got along great!

I gave a talk on Sunday about the Holy Ghost, it went pretty great although it could have been better. After I gave my talk, bro.Hodnett texted us and said, "Good job on your talks tonight, the
spirit was strong with you my young jedi." I legit laughed so hard!

This week I have missed my friends the most, my friends and I used to do everything together! whether it was watching movies all day or playing scary video games or walking around the park. We where always together and they are sisters and I love and miss them all dearly. Especially McKenna because it was her birthday and I just miss her so much. But I know that this is where I am suppose to be so it makes it a little easier:)

We have been getting dropped a lot. Investigators will just text us and say, "thank you but I am not interested." Honestly I thought being rejected would be 'easy' for me because I learn a lot about it when I was in theater but someone rejecting the gospel is 10X harder. But I know that God will soften their hearts and the missionaries will come when they are ready.

Thank you for you love and support and I hope everyone is doing amazing. I love you and thank you!
Love Sis Rodey


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