Monday, April 10, 2017

Hola Family

Hello everyone! This week was fun and full of adventure! I love this work! My love for the Book of Mormon has grown so much! My bishop invited my ward to read the Book of Mormon by next conference so I would like to extend that invitation out to all of you! Even if you are already reading it, try to finish by conference! I know we will be blessed and that our testimonies will grow from reading this amazing Book!
On Wednesday last week we went to dinner with some less actives in our ward and they are SO nice, we went to this place called El Perell and its Mexican so it made me way sad because my brothers and I used to go to Cafe Rio all the time but it was so fun because they came to church the next week! They must like us lol.
On Saturday we did some yard work!!! Yard work is so much fun as a missionary because we get to wear jeans and we get to play in dirt haha, I feel like such a child sometimes. Service is so great and it makes me feel really happy because I know that it is what Christ would do:)
On Thursday we had dinner with the Walkers and I love these people because they play instrumental movie soundtracks for us and we talk about LOTR and Star Wars and Avengers...all of the nerd things haha. It is just so much fun. Sister Walker also plays music so we talk about that a lot too.
So yesterday we got a media referral which is where people can go onto and they can request a free bible and/or Book of Mormon, then the missionaries deliver it. So we walk in this cute ladies house she is about 4'9 and shes black so she is just the cutest darn thing. We begin with a prayer, then we start teaching about the prophets and her giant husband walks in and hes like "do y'all believe in Jesus? Do y'all believe that Jesus died for our sins? Do y'all believe that Jesus died on the cross?" He was kinda shouting these questions and we where just like "yes...yes...yes" and he was like "okay y'all are fine, keep teachen." haha it was so funny. When people 'yell' at us they really are just testifying haha they just don't know it.
The mission is super great (as usual). Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers. I love you all so much!
Thank you,
Sister Rodey

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